Day 16: Santa Monica Pier and car return

Before I start the day of today I would like to refer back to the day of yesterday. Last night we, since we in the Los Angeles area have arrived, for the third time heeeeerrlijk eaten at a restaurant which I hope there will soon be a few go open in Netherlands: California Pizza Kitchen. If they can make tasty pizza/pasta/etc somewhere in the US then it is there though!0913a-California Pizza Kitchen Unfortunately for us (and for you!) they are mainly in the United States and as far as they are outside of the U.S. remains far from home. They are (in addition of course in a number of locations in the US) only in the far East. But enough about yesterday! Today is our last full day in the United States. Tomorrow morning we fly back to the Netherlands (according to very cold. Brrrr …. If only the weather would go, we want to stay a while here, it is also too cold for the time of year.. but still warmer than in Netherlands. Today we have actually not much. After we have classified all our suitcases last night again (Tak. all those new clothes need to really at in!) are we this morning nice let checked out (somewhere around 11 am or so), then we have gone to the last hotel of our trip: Hacienda Hotel near LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). During our journey of about half an hour, we still have some nice photos taken of the things we came across along the way. 0914-40-LAX Airport sign above the road Above you can see the Board what told us what we had to have to strip at the airfield (in our case at our hotel). At the top of the Board is an interesting text: Carpools Only. This is the only Strip bordt means you can drive if you so at least with 2 people in the car. These signs you see on many highways in and around Los Angeles (also in other places in and around big cities). 0914-42-Carpools Only-2 or more persons per vehicle The advantage of the signs as it is (I think I have already mentioned in a previous report) that that strip so only used by cars with more people in it, so people who carpool. Of course, as you promote the carpooling corner to our Minister of transport, public works and water management perhaps? Anyway, during our trip fell Regina's too (I was busy with the drive) on a very special car. On the car was not a place to find where lacquer was yet. 0914-Car 38-without a spot varnish When we finally arrived at the hotel we could not check in, not because our room was not ready. If we would come back in an hour than would the room ready. I fortunately got a parking pass to park the car so that we could go to lunch here, it was already after 12en. 0914-I Love Helmer Graffiti of Regina When I had left the car parked Regina me as a piece of art (see above) what they had written on a wall somewhere. Love the beach. 😉 What concerns we do lunch again, across the street from our hotel a Subway. When we got there I had already suspected that I saw two Dutchmen and I made a Dutch note after which we have about 45 minutes chatting. Next, we could finally go to lunch and when we came back at the hotel we could check-in (Luckily we had a time chatting, because I think we were ready with 20 minutes on the Subway). After we were checked in and the boxes on our hotel rooms have dropped, we quickly left for the world famous Santa Monica Pier. Here we quickly parked the car and then we are the pier suffered … 0914-Santa Monica Pier Board road What struck me at the pier were the hundreds of white (and red) crosses on the right side next to the pier. After I the signs (at the bottom of the picture) had read I understood where the crosses were for. For each American soldier killed in Iraq stood here a gusset. 0914-Crosses on the beach of Santa Monica When we flew there ran a bit further on the pier constantly seagulls over us. However, let me see if I could make a beautiful picture with our zoom lens … I think that is fairly successful. 0914-Santa Monica Seagull in Closeup Of course I wanted to (Helmer) here with a real American police car on the picture if I had the chance. I had this opportunity on the pier, where there are a number of parked. 0914-Helmer on the picture with a Santa Monica police car If you see the picture below snap you probably also right why American police cars shrink to someone from behind to RAM if they don't want to stop. … Why do the police cars in Netherlands not such a bullbar (koevanger) for on the car. Then look at the way Muhammad Ali and equal a lot more interesting to watch0914-police car with bull bar front! After we were all the way past the pier and at the end we had drunk anything famous bike path along the beach a bit over. 0914-Famous bike path on the beach Of course wanted Regina also equally in the picture with one of the made famous by the series Baywatch, lifeguards cottages on the beach. 0914-Regina for strandwacht cottage You see it right, they can play along with the new season of Baywatch. I wanted to make another picture, this time from the cottage alone. Unfortunately jumped Regina just in picture when I printed, see below the result … 0914-Regina now something closer to the camera with strandwacht cottage After this, we are on the boulevard, as far as you could speak, decreased. 0914-Pier from bike path with palm trees From the boulevard could I have the above picture of the pier (with fairground). Of course we wanted to take a picture of the famous Muscle Beach, but unfortunately existed that no longer. 0914-Muscle Beach is no longer There was still a sign at the spot where formerly oa. Arnold Schwarzenegger trained on the beach, but unfortunately, there were no exercise machines more. On the spot where once stood the exercise machines were now a few rack and stretch devices for less muscular public. 0914-Muscle Beach 02 Moreover, had the show-bikkels still a place to show their tricks. Something further back were some more acrobatic devices where the muscular men like showed what they could. On the photo below you'll see a man who through a bunch of rings from one end to the other slingerd (without the floor to get rid of course). 0914-Heckler to rings on the boulevard After we had left this brute force violence we went for dinner. And where can you get now the best food on your last night America. …. right Yes, at McDonalds!! 🙂 This had more to do with the fact that we encountered on the way to the car than we had in McDonalds really make sense, but good. Nice and easy and for $12 you can with his 2-and completely volvreten (ehh …. sorry … full of food of course). After our super meal (ahem …) at McDonalds we went where we have returned our car LAX direction. Nice to see that the cars were fueled and cleaned right there to be used. 0914-car returned-wash-tank Street Fortunately, we were able to go back to our hotel, to make use of a free bus. When we arrived at our hotel Regina found it necessary (well … they just figured they were afraid) to the bed as well as trampoline to use … 0914-Regina on the bed at the Hacienda Hotel Let's hope that the neighbors have had here and let us vkrm quiet sleep, because we must, of course, be a bit nice sleep on our last night on American soil. Tomorrow morning the alarm clock at half past 8 and then we close our suitcases and have breakfast. We try to give an hour or 9 at the airport as we could tonight over the internet check-in. There were some problems with the internet connection tonight, so it may be that it there. Now we must check-in at the airport tomorrow, so tomorrow but on time towards LAX. Fortunately, the hotel has a shuttle bus which leaves every 15 minutes towards the airport! Our flight schedule is as follows: on september 15 at 11:30 local Los Angeles time (in Netherlands is it 20:30) steigen we on from Los Angeles Airport. About 4 hours later we arrive an hour and a half later than in Cincinatti where we leave in the direction of Amsterdam. If all flights leave on time we will (about) on 16 september at 11:30 local time (Dutch time) landing on Schiphol. I think I also on behalf of Regina when I say that we, although we have had a SUPER honeymoon, the inclusion of we can back to Netherlands. The next few days we will go nicely with our pictures and video. You knew that we during our honeymoon more than 2900 (!!) pictures. It is therefore quite a chore to find a beautiful photo album with say 100 a 150 photos …

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