Day 15: a day at the Citadel. CITA-what? Citadel Outlets!

Today was one of the favorite days of Regina. Why? We're going all afternoon shopping!! Now I can, of course, you get bored with a story about the stores that we all have visited, or what we now again all have bought. Now, let's not do that! At the request of a (small) number of readers we purchased something for them. Below I place a picture and that genes that it concerns (they know who they are, I hope) d.m.v. may a comment indicate what they find for their purchased the item. 0913-Citadel-R which is for who (larger) So, and we shall now tasty (off). Tomorrow our last (all) day in the United States and then we will (if it was all a bit yummy word again) good the Santa Monica Pier (with associated boulevard). If you you are wondering where we have bought the clothing? Take a look at the website of Citadel Outlets in Los Angeles.

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