Day 14: Universal Studios

As you may have read yesterday we are today from Universal Studios. To be right but to the point: it was stunning, spectacular and much more, but we have all in one day can view so tomorrow we go do something else. Because we all the tickets a few days earlier had ordered over the internet (and printed out, as you have been able to read), we didn't have to stand in line. Well, not stand in line. They wanted of course before we went inside again in our bag to see if we don't happen to be one or other bomb had in the bag. Fortunately there were only cameras in and we could go through. When we arrived at the entrance and we gave the printed tickets we had to be some legitimacy, because the tickets were our names and that of course had to match that in our passports. Also they wanted to still like to see the credit card with which the tickets were paid (the last 4 digits were standing on the printed tickets). Where the latter understood I was actually not quite good for now, imagine that I had purchased tickets for e. my parents and who went so to Universal without my credit card, but with valid tickets. Wouldn't they be allowed inside? The remaining sometimes strange people, those Americans! Anyway, on to the first attraction: the Studio Tour. I can tell you.. This was fantastic, we have seen sets from various movies and tv shows. We are driven by the street where even Desperate Housewives set. 0912-02-Studio Tour It was kind of funny in itself, with 5 man next to each other in one of the four carts (with a total of 4 benches per cart). A man who was sitting in the front with a headset on during the tour of us all told about Universal Studios and the things we saw/experienced along the way. One of the first things we came across was a special effect set of the movie 2 Fast To Furious: Tokyo Drift. Below you can see so with 3 pictures the scene in which the cars fired upon and then explode. 0912-03-Studio Tour-Fast and the Furious You see in the picture above the rear wheels have something come up after the explosion occurred. In the second picture you can see that the car already something comes up. If you look closely you can see so the Jack under the car already. On film you see it even more clearly, because Regina has made these pictures while I simply enjoy the whole studio tour have filmed … 0912-04-Studio Tour-Fast and the Furious Explosion 2 In the last picture you can clearly see the levers under the cars. The ground beneath the cars was also folded away and the levers could the cars (which as we could see just by plastic (!!) were) so just let swing all the way around. This happened on a nice piece of music, that was very funny to see. If you come and watch the video then you understand what I mean … 🙂0912-05-Studio Tour-Fast and the Furious Explosion 03 A little further on in the tour, we were driven in a studiohal where they supposedly were recording a scene.0912-06-Studio Tour-Carts drive studio in Of course there was nothing recorded, but we played just a film scene. After we were driven to within it seemed like there was an earthquake occurred, everything started shaking and parts of the building around us deposit in. Moments later we heard a kind of tsunami arrive in the distance (well, there was just a lot of water) and that collapsed just in front of our trolleys in a kind of trench ….. looked really spectacular. 0912-07-Studio Tour-Scene from Jaws The people who have seen JAWS (who has not seen him?) might recognize the above scene. This seems to be a known boat from the movie. To the left of the boat, where you see the ripple in the water was a diver (so we were told). It was narrated that the shark (which you see on the picture on the right) was caught and there so no more dangerous sharks swam in the Bay, but a few seconds later the diver pulled underwater and he was so engulfed by JAWS. He fell moments later our trolleys, but fortunately we have survived:-) Later in the tour we drove through the famous street where the series Desperate Housewives. Now I don't know exactly (Regina will correct me if they might like to read, because she knows the series) which House this is, but I think you can click 0912-08-Studio Tour-Desperate Housewives homeson the picture above a House from the series. We drove really from one set to another, because moments later, we drove through the decord of the movie War Of The Worlds. In the picture below you can see the scene where at one time a Boeing 747 is crashed. It went according to our Narrator (first the first trolley) to a real Boeing made here by a few large helicopters was laid down. Unfortunately, there are no good pictures of the Boeing itself, because we were on the right side of the trolley and the Boeing so on the left. Regina has not not such long arms as I do, so it is unfortunately only on the movie to see. 0912-08-Studio Tour-War Of The Worlds Crash Scene I'm forgot how the ' more ' on the movie is called, but this Lake has appeared in many movies and series. Assuming that the corresponding movie or series in a lake or sea was needed. On the blue sign what you see around ' projected ' was needed for that movie or series. As soon as I have the images seen again I will do a couple of movies, because our Narrator mentioned there as a couple and left on the TVs in the carts also some scenes (which I then again have filmed). 0912-09-Studio Tour-blue screen with more After the Studio Tour, we are the shows and other attractions. One of these was the show Waterworld. ernoemd to the even film it was a true spectacle of jumping jet skis, gun-shooting pirates and explosions (as you can see below). 0912-10-Waterworld Show-Thick explosion In addition to the shows and attractions throughout the park, there were also all kinds of cars and other attributes from famous Hollywood movies. Below you can see one of the cars from the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious. This car is so actually in the film. Unfortunately you could sit or ride it. .. 0912-11-car from 2 Fast 2 Furious Another nice item from a famous film (Notting Hill in this case) we came a little further. The shop where Hugh Grant in the film works is so just in Hollywood. There was also a sign at the store which read that most scenes were filmed in London, but this shop was there so also for used. 0912---12---Travel-Book-Shop-for-Nottin-Hill Of course we wanted also went with a well-known star in the picture and we have found to pose with us Shrek prepares … 0912-13-Helmer and Regina with Shrek The attraction where we, according to Regina, really last in should go was Jurassic Park: The Ride. This was according to Regina partly for following situation (see photo). You would be in this attraction rather wet. Indeed, I (Helmer) had my trousers and shirt quite wet. Fortunately, our cameras were in a bag that at a few drops could … 0912-14-Jurassic Park the Ride Finally, I would like to show you a picture from the Universal Experience. To see which attributes were in the past, present and future in movies are used (or will be used). Below you see one of the attributes that I (or Regina) shot. I don't know if you guys the passport of Mr. Bean ever seen before in a movie or something, I do not. That is why I place it below … 0912-15-Passport Mr. Bean Well our day is back on for today. Unfortunately it was not big enough to park two days, so tomorrow we're going to do something else: SHOPPEeeeeeen!! We arrived a few days ago along a large outlet store and go visit again this morning! Tak. What would we do differently?

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