Day 13: Mulholland Drive, Rodeo Drive & nothing else

Today was our last ' relax'-day of this week, tomorrow and the day after as we go all day fun at Universal Studios Hollywood. After we have awakened this morning in a reasonable time and I was going to ask if and what if breakfast was available in the hotel (I believe I had read that breakfast was served) I was told that there was no breakfast is served. But if we wanted to we could have a cup of coffee or tea. We were then by (the still very nice) hotel owner to a room where apparently also was done was, for there stood a large washing machine. Here we could own Cup of coffee or tea. After less than a minute the man came back asking if we ever Indian tea. That we had not, so offered us a Cup on the Sir. Polite as we are brought up (thank you parents!) we could not refuse, of course! After a few minutes, the man with a two cups of tea (with milk or something, it was very cloudy) and a scale with 2 bananas and plums. Fortunately (for us) we were already gone back to our hotel room and could so try it without that the man remained there. Fortunately, because the tea was (sorry for the word choice) not boozing! Really true, we have never had such dirty tea. After a small SIP I decided (Helmer) to the Cup but empty to throw in the kitchen sink. The banana, however, tasted good and the priumen has done me in her purse, according to Regina. When we asked his wife taxis up there cost CA (which today apparently reception service had) or the tea when we had tasted the plates and cups to her gifts. We answers (very diplomatic) that the tea tasted very different than we were used to at home, but that it is to drink was (you can hardly say that he doesn't have to drink was, of course, that's not neat!). After we checked out were we are (on the advice of Regina) towards Mulholland Drive left because you would have a very nice view over Los Angeles, the Hollywood Bowl and Hollywood Board. 0911-Regina and Helmer with Hollywood Board As you can see it was still a little bad weather this morning making it Hollywood Board not really clearly visible, but you can see it. There are still a few photos where the Board slightly better on State, but we then again not quite sharp on … 0911-Hollywood Bowl After we had made enough photos of the view (a pity that it is not at all clear was) we left for Rodeo Drive. We came among other things along the famous Hollywood Bowl (see picture above) and along Sunset Boulevard. 0911-Sunset Board … we also kruisden the street where the series Melrose Place took place … 0911-Melrose Avenue Board The most exciting thing we encountered today were actually LAPD below engines, especially after my collision last night with the Los Angeles Police Department. 0911-2 Agents on motor After some wanderings (Rodeo drive is apparently very long and I had selected the wrong in TomTom) we finally arrived in to Rodeo Drive. As for me (and also Regina) Besides noticed is that the parking is very cheap there. We have the car parked on a parking deck at the end of the street. In Netherlands you need first then get a ticket from the vending machine at the barrier as you enter, but in America everything is different and that is certainly true of the parking garages. At the parking lot where we parked this afternoon (which to Rodeo Drive) you could just the parking and when you had the car parked you need to throw money in the parking meter for your car. Compare with but equally with the parking meters to be found in, for example, Zwolle (and also in other cities) at a car park. Another possibility to Park (that of tonight when we had dinner in Glendale) is that you just enter a parking garage and indeed get a ticket at the barrier. The difference with Netherlands is that you then can choose for Valet parking. You then stops just after the barrier and an employee parks than the car in front of you (this, however, costs a few euros extra). Another option is Self Parking. You can park your car (how could it be otherwise) own your car. The difference is that you then have to walk a little further to the exit. The spreading of a parking garage is also separate experience. You have not such as ticket machines in Netherlands. If you leave step just in your car and drive you to the exit. At the exit is an employee behind a counter where you (from the car!) paid. It is with some parking garages even possible that you don't have to pay, for example, if you're at a store in the Mall above the garage. This they would have to enter in Netherlands!! Enough about parking, back to Rodeo Drive … 0911-Rodeo Drive To be honest fell Rodeo Drive. In our view, is to visit the PC main street in Amsterdam more spectacular. There are enough in itself exclusive shops with unlikely priceless clothes, but there was just no atmosphere. What I did notice is that a store was, ' k just don't know exactly what they are selling. The only thing I saw in the shop window were large signs of Rolls Royces and other expensive brands (so they sell probably exclusive cars seems to me). The store had so just names of customers at its shop window. Just look how many names you recognized. … 0911-customers 010911-customers 020911-customers 030911-customers 04 Zohw.. a whole list of known (and lesser known) names. I wonder why such a shop that does, they would not have enough customers, or they just like to show off with the list of known names. Moreover, most shops were open, but there were also shops where you could only so if you had an appointment! About fancy spoken … Chic, well sjiek…is you something else in America (according to me) your own license plate can buy/find out. I wonder whose car is that we saw parked on Rodeo Drive … Would this Diva really 58 cars have, or were the badges Diva 01 up Diva 58 already in0911-58 Diva license plate use? It is not allowed to just (the whole day) in Rodeo Drive parked on the few parking spots that were there. You should stand up to half an hour and in some places stood below Board, this meant that only if loading and unloading, in other words, all bags with purchased load and go where … 0911-10 Minute Customer Loading Just before we came, we walked to the car still along a shop where oa. Britney Spears and Christina Aquilera regularly to find (seem to) are: Juicy Couture0911-Regina for Juicy Couture after we had left we are good at Rodeo Drive in the direction of our hotel. It was a piece of drive since I missed the exit to the highway and I of Regina not more about solid stripes should drive (understandable after the arrest yesterday of course). In the end we were around half past 3 in the new hotel: Best Western Eagle Rock Inn located in Los Angeles. The next three nights we stay here so we don't have to travel more alteveel the next few days. Tomorrow and the day after we go to Universal Studios in Hollywood, so again tomorrow, of course, with a new piece of (many) photos …

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