Day 12: A quiet day … or not?

The whole holiday I was afraid of and tonight it happened: We are on the side by a police car (with very nice flashing lights) of the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department). 1009-00 LAPD Police car Fortunately I stayed in the car seat (and not as some people right then got off and worked against the floor and arrested), did the window already open and heard when calling an agent behind the car ' Can you please turn off your engine sir! ' (or I just wanted to drop off the engine). Ehh.. I still saw no agent, but had actually expected that he's been with drawn pistol behind the car. The latter fell happy with it. After I had dropped off the engine the agent came to my window and asked me if I knew that I had committed an offense. I really had no idea and said ' Sorry agent I have no idea… '. Regina had apparently known by something that I had done what unacceptable could and answered very Spry that they knew what for stupid offense I had committed. According to the agent I had wrong ordered (which was also so, incidentally). You have here: in many places roads with multiple jobs. In the middle is a job (with yellow stripes on both sides) that can be used only if you want to save, turn left from both directions so! Now I was already on that job are going to drive because our TomTom indicated that I had to turn left. Unfortunately, I was asked on that job, because just between the place where I out drove (and so be left if) and turn left where I actually wanted was a meter or so 10 where an arrow was for traffic from the opposite direction. And according to which agent should I not drive over it. This was not all because when he asked me for my driver's license told Sir me also that my driver's license was not valid in California!!! Ehh.. I started right of ' Yes, but it is a European driving licence and for the US is this enough I was told. ' The agent was not agree and told that the best so it could be that my driver's license was accepted in Nevada or Arizona (two other us States), but in California but with different rules apply (compare the difference between lines in bv. Belgium and Netherlands) and so I had to actually contact the Dutch Embassy so that they could temporarily but equally some international driver's license. We told the agent that we were on honeymoon and that we are only about 5 days. The agent told that it is so though was good and that we not for that short period the paperwork of the Embassy did not have to go through. We were allowed to continue …. phew …. ' k must say that I do have ff was terrified of that bundle emergency lights in the rearview mirror, but fortunately it ran with a fizzle. Tonight I also select this and unfortunately for the agent in question I have no international driver's license in California, a new Dutch driving licence is sufficient. This was now all we have experienced today? Modeling …. we started the day at around 9 this morning and we have gone through the usual rituals. After we equally by telephone (Skype is still nice) had had contact with the home front we have thrown the suitcases in the back of the car and we left for downtown Los Angeles. Now did we but about 30 minutes in the car according to our TomTom, but in the end it was after lunch before we had found a good hotel. I had the night before all a reasonably affordable Best Western found, but when we got there we saw that the hotel was in the middle of Chinatown. This seemed to us to be not such a good plan … so here is an abuse of a public WI-FI internet access and via google and our route planner (Microsoft Streets Trips 2008 &) a better hotel. In the end we are at a very small cute little hotel to Frank link Avenue come true. Good location, about all we still want to see is here on a 10-minute drive away. 1009-Hotel Board-at night Despite that the owner very nice and want to be of service to us anywhere we will here but a night. The room is very small. For the next three nights are in a Best Western, but now slightly further from the Center af (However, all within half an hour. The advantage of such a small hotel is that the TV does not completely shielded and you just can connect the camera to do some looking back. Also because in the next few days to Universal Studios want and I had read that there is a action runs ' 2-day park visit, 1 day pay ' am I even on the site of Universal Studios Hollywood. Fortunately we came there on time behind that action only gold if you would purchase the cards in advance online. Problem: the tickets had to be printed out and we have a heleboek electronic equipment with us, but unfortunately no printer. On to the nice hotel owner, unfortunately he also had no printer. He knew an Internet cafe where we could let print our tickets. We wanted to go on the road, visit the Hollywood Board, eat at Wendy's (we see already the whole holiday advertising of the Wendy's fast food chain and are curious) and so here is the printing tickets. The Internet Cafe was here but a few streets today, so we with the car on the road. Could we Park the car in a parking garage across from the Internet cafe. We walk the parking garage from, what does my eye: the famous Walk of Fame. Is that Internet Cafe around the corner to the famous Hollywood Boulevard where so oa. so the famous tiles are of famous actors, singers, etc. After we got the tickets for Universal Studios have printed out we are so about Hollywood Boulevard. … 1009-Hollywood Boulevard-Walk Of Fame There are really so many street artists (read: actors who hope to be discovered). So there was a man that looked like The Joker in the latest Batman movie … 1009-Hollywood Boulevard-The Joker copycat …. and even a double gangster of Marilyn Monroe was present (incl. swirling dress) …1009-Hollywood Boulevard-Marilyn Monroe imitator Regina told me (I knew that not even … pubic.. pubic) that also in this street the famous Kodak Theatre sat where today for a number of years the annual Oscar ceremonies. I have to be honest not really can make a beautiful picture of the theatre, because it was very busy in terms of traffic … but when I get home then I go here with Photoshop going on and fixed something beautiful. 1009-Hollywood Boulevard-Kodak Theatre letters On 18 January 2011 I have, when I took the photos have made some better fitting at the ' new ' site theme, the picture of the Kodak Theater transformed into a picture with the least amount of traffic and tourists. See below the result … 1009-Hollywood Boulevard-Kodak Theatre photoWhen I looked across the street I saw a beautiful advertising on a building. I had already told (to the people who according to me looking), but next week starts here the new season of Heroes. 1009-Hollywood Boulevard-Heroes Billboard In addition to the Kodak Theater is another famous theatre. For this theater are all hand (and foot) printing of all kinds of actors. Of course we have many pictures of, but when I got to the tile/stone of Arnold Schwarzenegger came, of course, I just had to fit. … 1009-Hand in concrete Arnold s. and Helmer As you can see my hands just about as big as that of Arnold, the feet. After we hopped back in the car, we went for dinner at Wend'ys. Well, that was once, but never again. Now we had to the advertising already seen it's no McDonalds or Burger King, but it was just as if we went back in time. The design looked like from 1950 and also in terms of food was not really super. The citizens were less than the other chains and the fries looked like some cheap brand. Not to eat, but well after we had eaten what we wanted to still be some at the famous Hollywood sign look … There arrived (at least as far as we in the neighborhood could come) we do have pictures, but it began to be Dim … so tomorrow we go again and then we would like to also both with Board in the picture … 1009-Hollywood Sign (unclear in the evening) Because eating at Wendy's us don't really feel a hunger-stillend gave his then we went to a competing Burger chain to a small snack to take to us …. on the way back to our hotel of this chain it happened so. … we were stopped by the police, but that you have at the beginning of the story already can read so that we now no longer repeat. Tomorrow we as said once again (for the last time) move to another hotel. Also we are going to look tomorrow on oa. Rodeo Drive, Mulholland Drive (from here you seem to be able to create beautiful photos of the Hollywood Board found Regina tonight in some book), Hollywood Drive, not to mention the Hollywood Board itself. The two following days than all for Universal Studios after which it's already weekend is and the last days have arrived. For Sunday is still a visit to Santa Monica Pier on the program after which we go after check-in at the hotel on the airport and then the car. … brrr … we should all just about back to Netherlands. Sports, before I forget …. tomorrow (for you today, because as I type this it's already half 8 morning in NL) we are two weeks married! 🙂

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