Day 11: Disneyland Park

This morning we wanted to 10:00 at Disneyland, so we are again reasonably on time stood up. Around 10:00 we were indeed at the gates of Disneyland. And what struck me right again were the idiotic bags checks, like I would a terrorist bomb as easy in my backpack. After checking we could an entrance ticket finally buy an entrance ticket at the cash register. And now comes the beautiful one: the lady behind the cash register asked where we came today, we told that we came from Netherlands and that we put on our Honeymoon (honeymoon for the people with bad English) were. The woman responded surprised and congratulated us (do that all Americans, by the way, if you tell them that you are on honeymoon, very friendly). Then she gave us a button with the text Just Married on it. 0909-01-Disneyland Button Hilarious …. which we had to do so on and sure enough … all the staff at Disneyland congratulated you warmly as they then you passed. 0909-02-Regina with button When we were less than 100 metres in the park asked a co-worker if he us a few questions (survey). Of course we had no problem with it. After a number of questions came another employee assisting where we take part in the talks were (of course we were first congratulations on our marriage). The employee then asked us what kind of attractions we loved and when we said that we are fast attractions kept he asked what we Space Mountain. Well there we wanted to be in. He asked us what we would find if we do not stand in the row would not have and here we answer positively to. The Sir offered us, because we were married, to go to the Space Mountain to run and he would ensure that we do not have to stand in line. Really laugh that was! After we had been in Space Mountain I wanted (Helmer) like in the Innoventions home look. This is a kind of House similar to the House of the future that in Amsterdam is (or should I say?), only much more spectacular. The technique they use is just in this House for sale, but still pretty revolutionary (at least in the eyes of the average American). 0909-06-Life True device So there was a kind of touch-screen in every room. On this screen was all lighting in the appropriate space. You could do the lighting per lamp on or off, but there were also some kind of preset settings to take effect. This could, for example, if you are on the watch TV button pressed with a press button all unnecessary lighting (on the other side of the room). Also you could in some areas through this screen watching tv, or view your security cameras. Sorry to be here maybe some long continue, but this is really a pinch of what I so would like to have in my house (and Regina according to me too though). On the website of the supplier I read also that the system is linked to jeWindows Media Center (and also all your movies, DVDs, recorded tv shows, photos and music can refer to it!). If you what to learn more about the House of the future, you can visit the Web page of the attraction even on (if you click on the link you go straight to the right page on the Disneyland website). As I said it was a whole House, in this supposedly lived a family. One of the bedrooms (the daughter) had to change was through that also what wallpaper so cabinets on the wall. At this time worked that yet, here they were still working on it. The House is only open since June or July of this year. 0909-05-House of the future computer wallpaper The House contained in addition to these State-of-the-art technology also got some more general matters. One of those issues was a so-called Surface computer from Microsoft. 0909-03-Innoventions House-Surface Computer This is a kind of table that can be used for different purposes. In the Innoventions-House served the table (see photo below) only for viewing and editing photos and organizing and playing music. I have here a nice bit of filmed, of the whole Innoventions House are pictures, but unfortunately I can not show that from here. 0909-04-SurfaceComputer I believe we have more than an hour (!!) in this home/this attraction. Furthermore, were in the House the normal business: nice computers, enough XBOX 360 's (game console) and other cool gadgets. Where we only have, only no photos of video material, our ride on a new means of transport called the Segway. This is a kind of two-wheeled electric means of transport, except that the wheels behind each other but not next to each other. You say but on a kind of plateau between the wheels. You do have a steering wheel in your hands, but goed….de pictures say enough. Last (and then I further over the rest of the day) I want to tell you to Asimo. ASIMO is a human robot of Honda. In a special room we have him/her about fifteen minutes to work. Also here are weather images, but also happy pictures. 0909-07-Asimo robot The robot could walk, run, talk (though we asked ourselves if it was real) and even briefly online the weather for the next few days for your lookup (wireless via wifi). During the show was told they have worked about 20 years until they had developed a robot like Asimo stood on stage today. Very useful I can tell you, you can him all kinds of chores in and around the House let! Of course, there was much more to experience in Disneyland, but for now a photo of each attraction is going to give me some far. We have our costly entertained, especially the fact that (just about) any Disney-employee congratulated us with our marriage was very entertaining. 0909-08-The Disney Castle At the end of the evening (around 19:00) was, as every evening, time for the Disney Parade. It was (as you can see) very busy along the route … 0909-09-Disney Parade 00 Around 19:30 was the parade again last (and it was dark outside as you can see in the picture below) and was time to head back to our hotel to leave. 0909-09-Disney Parade 01 Tomorrow morning around 12:00 (something of 21:00 in Netherlands) we will leave. Fortunately, we tomorrow not so very far to drive (30 miles). If all goes well (we don't have any hotel booked) we overnight near Hollywood so we from that hotel the next few days these things go: Universal Studios (2 days), The Hollywood sign (the Hollywood letters that you often see on tv), Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Pier (that famous pier with the funfair on it) , Walk of Fame (the famous tiles with signatures of the stars) and a number of places …

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