Day 10: from Kingman to Anaheim

Today we have actually not that much. We are around 11:00 from Kingman. Actually we had initially via the town of Baker want to drive to the world's largest thermometer to view (we came there anyway along on his way to Anaheim), but after some recalculation was that actually 2 hour detour. So, in the end, we decided to drive to Anaheim via Barstow. When we got up and drove away it occurred to us that the hotel where we stay overnight to the world famous Route 66. Unfortunately, there were no ' famous Route 66 signs ' along the way, but luckily it is on the road geschildert … Above picture is not taken near the hotel (Route 66 there was just about no longer readable), but on a different spot. During our ride to Barstow (just over 200 miles, 320 km) we stopped a few times for a sanitary stop. The picture below was taken during one of these stops. 0908-en route from Kingman to Anaheim-on the i40 After about 3 hours of driving we arrived at our stopover. The night before our departure, we had a nice break, the ghost town of Calico. Calico Ghost Town-0908-direction on mountain According to our information, it would go to an old abandoned mining town of which part was in its original state and a portion was again established. Unfortunately it turned out to be a commercial eventually hamlet where we even had to pay for entrance. As it is only to a few dollars per person we went there anyway just go check it out. The only old what stood out from the my time were a few walls and a few old cars, for the rest everything was of fairly new wood and not more than 100 years old. 0908-Calico Ghost Town buildings It was very hot (105 F, 40 degrees C), so we are not too long. At the exit, we have found a beautiful picture of the cowboy that welcomed us. 0908-Ghost Town Board with cowboy After that, we quickly drove to Anaheim, yet another 120 miles from Barstow. We arrived in our hotel at around 18:00, finally a time early in the evening! The last week of our stay we will spend in the Los Angeles region. Nice to bed on time tonight, because tomorrow we go to Disneyland. This park is also the only where Walt Disney himself still.

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