Day 09: from Las Vegas through the Hoover Dam to the Grand Canyon

This morning we left for the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. Unfortunately we came across this Board not upon entry, but during a ride to the Las Vegas Outlet Center (again bought some clothes:-) what do you want also with Tommy Hilfiger Polo shirts for less than $20-). 0907_00 Famous Las Vegas Logo After about half an hour we arrived at the Hoover Dam to … 0907_01 hoover dam Board In itself I found (Helmer) against what the fall as this dam in a number of films plays a roll. In the really walk there so all power cables for along, but well … still a good number of photos. 0907_02 Hoover Dam We are also driven over it twice because the first time Regina (just before the dam) saw a beautiful photo-point, but of course I drove too fast and could not stop. Fortunately I managed that the second times better (see above picture). After about 20 minutes pictures (Regina has really super cool photos taken, but that not all fit in here) we drove towards the Grand Canyon Flagstaff, Arizona. Welcome to Arizona 0907_03 We could continue and after a good happy e. an hour or so we arrived at the right exit … 0907_04 Grand Canyon Skywalk Turn Left Sign We wanted the Skywalk you since on a glass plate above (!) the ravine could run. During our ride we came famous (?) Joshua tree's against where Regina following nice picture of made it. 0907_05 Joshua Tree on the way to Grand Canyon Actually we had in Las Vegas have to refuel, because when we look at a picture of the Joshua Tree we were able to make only 80 miles drive away. Unfortunately we had since we left from Las Vegas also no petrol pump more seen …. Unfortunately for us on the road to Grand Canyon there was also still no petrol pump. Luckily we saw just before the exit to the Skywalk (Yes.. We had to turn one more time) a Board that in the town of Meadview (somewhere in the middle of nowhere) a petrol station should be. So we are the first exit for the Grand Canyon but beyond driven (we also wanted to still like the same day to our hotel can drive instead of walk). Once there, we had a super nice view towards the Canyon …. 0907_06 Refueling in Meadview on the way to Grand Canyon The above picture was taken at the gas pump where we so have tanked … 0907_07 Welcome to Grand Canyon West … and after we had tanked and we finally were on the right track, we were welcomed by the above board in the Grand Canyon West. Of course we were there now yet, we eventually have to drive another piece on a dirt road to get there (about 14 miles!). Fortunately it was that whole trip worth today … see the photos below … 0907_20 Grand Canyon Of course I had to again a nice (if I may say so myself) photo of Regina. She looked so beautiful out over the Grand Canyon. 0907_98 Regina looking in the Sun After we all views at the Grand Canyon (by bus, we put this out later) had visited and we came back at the car made Regina amazing photo below of the setting sun. 0907_99 sunset Grand Canyon We are quickly left for Kingman, Arizona where we arrived at our hotel at around 21:00. Tomorrow we drive to Anaheim where we visit Disneyland day after tomorrow.

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