Day 07 & 08: Las Vegas …. and another Las Vegas

It is now Friday 5 september (23:00 local time) and we have just decided that we still have an extra night in Las Vegas. We have not yet seen all … We are here last night arrived after a long journey through Death Valley (as you may have read). What was very tough is that you not to park your car so did. We could just get off and take the suitcases and then we got a ticket (with a number) and our car was parked for us! After we have enjoyed the view, we went the bed nice and early … lasvegas_02 Unfortunately the Windows a little dirty, so the pictures of our views are not all equally well. lasvegas_01 This morning we slept late and then go to lunch at one of the many restaurants here in the hotel. After this, we visited a few other hotels. It is kind of funny you can from a number of hotels so the inside to another hotel. Furthermore, the hotels are across the street (the comic is actually a very busy road (read: Las Vegas Boulevard) with hiking trails on both sides) then you can d.m.v. a kind of pedestrian bridge easy to cross. venetian_01 The above picture was taken at The hotel The Venetian. This hotel is located opposite the our on the other side of the road. In this hotel there are more than 80 (!) shops and there is (as you can see above) a river where real gondolas in boating. The air that you see at the top of the picture is fake, everything is cvenetian_02overed! And sure enough, also in Las Vegas is a Victoria's Secret (to be fair there are here a piece or three!) and Regina Regina would not be if they also had to look in here. The hotel where we sit (Treasure Island) has two Pirate ships are in front of the hotel where the evening a fun show is staged. Unfortunately for you, we have that show filmed and therefore we can not show it, but fortunately we do have a picture taken. treasure_island_boot We are also in the city tonight and I can tell you that it is indeed the case that the evening is much more vivid. Of course because it's too hot during the day (according to me something of 38 degrees or something). Not to mention there are also much nicer to take pictures (with all those lights and stuff). treasuse_island_billboard And Yes … we're here so successful that we have booked an extra night so. We leave so Sunday morning adjust direction the Hooverdam and Grand Canyon. The hotel is already booked for tomorrow night. We will then spend the night in a place called Kingman (Arizona). If everything else goes according to plan, we will spend the night Monday evening in Los Angeles (our last great destination) where we will spend the last days!

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