Day 06: Death Valley & Las Vegas

This morning was the second (and last) day we long on the move. According to our TomTom would be 4 hours and 45 minutes before we starting from Bishop (CA) in Furnace Creek (Death Valley) to. Again a very long ride so. Only was it before we really Death Valley would drive though in need that we would have enough water and eat with us. Before we could leave so really we first dropped by the K-Mart gone to take the necessary steps to drinking. Besides a couple of gallon (1 gallon = 3.7 Liter) water we have taken anything but equal strips so that we, should we encounter no tents along the way where we could have lunch, at least would have something to eat. deathvalley_02 Death Valley was from the hotel in Bishop about 150 miles but, predominantly in (thankfully) as straight as you can see on the picture above. Yesterday (day 5) existed most of the trip from mountainous roads through which we so most of the day in the car. deathvalley_03 After about 70 miles we had the entrance of Death Valley National Park can be reached. Not that we had achieved our goal for today, but now we were at least in Death Valley. At this time the temperature was already risen to about 95 degrees Farhenheit (35 degrees Celsius). We could not know that the temperature at the peak would be up to 114 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius). After about 40 miles (30 miles to Furnace Creek, Death Valley) we came across a kind of settlement we visit where the admission fee ($ 20) had to pay for the park. When we again towards Furnace Creek we came across about 500 meters after the settlement the following sign. deathvalley_04 ' Beware: danger of extreme heat "is on the Board. No word on lied. When we alighted at one of the sites looked like a sauna. The thermometer in the car gave 114 degrees Farhenheit (45 degrees Celsius). So it was not wise to long-term outside the car. This is what we have but not done. Pfff …. I've never been in a place where it's actually soooo hot every day. We are not on the lowest portion of Death Valley (80 meters below sea level), as this was just a short drive to us. We wanted naturally like to Las Vegas. America is truly the land of the vast distances (and especially journey times). Starting from Furnace Creek was Las Vegas: 130 miles, according to the TomTom again something of 3 1/2 hour drive. Fortunately, that fell 3 1/2 hour eventually we could just say continue. … but still we were only around 19:00 in our hotel for the next two days: Treasure Island. deathvalley_06 The arrival at the hotel was be cool. We could choose whether we wanted our car parking, or that we wanted to do this by a Valet Parking Sir (not know how such a someone call it). Of course we chose Valet Parking (first asked what that was going to cost, but that cost anything extra). I got a card with a number and we were allowed to leave after our car as the unloading of the suitcases. We are so just walked inside. Now it was just search for the reception as the first thing you see upon entering the slots are well signposted, but luckily where we could check in. Regina casually mentioned at check-in for a moment that we were on Honeymoon and the Mrs boodt actually equal to to (free) our room with Strip-view to upgrade to a Panoramic Room with Strip View. In Dutch: We normally had themselves a ' normal ' room with views of the famous Strip and we got now (without that we would not have to pay extra) on a corner room with a strip view on two sides. They would also put our names on the Champagne list. If we want to celebrate our Wedding in Champagne had we just didn't have Room Service call and they came to us (again without that we would not have to pay) a bottle of Champagne (not real). Now we have not much sense in there tonight, but tomorrow night is that there are probably in. After we have us a little refreshed and have enjoyed the view, we went for dinner downstairs and then we crawled in the bed nice and early tonight …. ahhhh … nice tomorrow we can finally sleep late because we stay here another night!!

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