Day 05: Yosemite National Park & many, many kilometers

Today was the day of the first National Park: Yosemite! First of course equally have breakfast, which was better than the past few days. Next we have to refuel (the tank was still half-full, but the fuel was pretty cheap: $3.77 per gallon ehh.. per 3.7 Liter). In itself it benzinetanken best apart: you have first in pay (and so say for how many dollars you want to fuel) and then you can go fill up. Now I didn't know exactly how many dollars I had to refuel, so have the Madam $40,-pay and am going to refuel. After fueling I could go get money again within the Exchange after which we left for Yosemite National Park. From the hotel where we stayed last night was the entrance to Yosemite about 100 miles (about 1 1/2 hour drive). But we wanted to see the large sequoia trees (which are those trees that are about 10 meters in diameter and 3000 years old). To do this, we had to where Mariposa Grove. Before we could ride here we had to first approximately 45 min drive into the park after which we had to take a turn and had to drive about 1 1/2 hours to the South across narrow winding mountain roads. We had a super view over the park, but it was quite a ride. Especially since we are on the way back for a large part had to take the same route to end up at our hotel. But anyway, like I said we came after about 2 hours away at the Mari pose Grove where we are going to run a hiking route to the beautiful (and, above all, very impressive) Sequoia trees. yosemite_02 During our walk we came, of course, very beautiful trees against where we also very many pictures and pieces of film shot, but that's not all I can here places of course (come after the holidays the photo book and film but view). One of the photos I can show is one of a fallen sequoia tree. There was a sign which read that he was about 300 years ago (!!) had fallen over. Be sure to look to the format of the woman on the left and the size of the tree. yosemite_03 Of course, there were still plenty of sequoia trees standing. … yosemite_05 To give an impression how thick the trunk of a small sequoia tree is (the diameter of the largest living sequoia is about 11 metres!!) we have here a picture of both of us made for a sawn-off trunk of a sequoia tree … yosemite_06 and of course … just because it's fun is as a picture of Regina who is filming me rich … yosemite_07 So … that's the weather for today. So, after we leave we have supplemented the water and petrol stock toward Death Valley. Next, we drive right in the direction of Las Vegas where we had 2 days go relax in the Treasure Islan hotel. We have a room with a view on the famous Strip, so there had lots of great pictures and film footage. Just for completeness: it may be that we in Las Vegas have no (or less) capabilities for Web browsing, so you know how it is if the next 2 days nothing. …

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