Day 04: SFO, the Road to Oakdale & Starbucks

This morning we were extremely woke up early (read: 5:00!!). I don't know how it's coming, but we were wide awake. Because it was all my parents were already in EN 14:00 ' online ' so I sit here reading. After half an hour it still only tried to grab some sleep and around 8:30 we were out of it. Because the laptop still stood it still only briefly looked or mom and pop were still online and via a Skype video conversation started. Kind of funny, uncle and Aunt were at my parents and Miek Jurrie could also take part in a discussion (with my grandpa and Grandpa yesterday were parents and who found it nice to us here to see through Skype…de technique stands for nothing). After a short conversation with pa, ma, uncle Jurrie and Angela quickly wash and dress up, because today began the journey towards the East. First go to Oakdale where we would spend the night and then tomorrow (sept 3) to Yosemite Park. After breakfast we are with the car over Crookedest Street driven so we also on video. Hence via the boulevard (by car), because Regina had to have a I Love SF shirt, direction the Walmart in San Leandro where we wanted to get a cooler. A cooler is oa. necessary in Death Valley, Death Valley because you should not go in without enough water (and that you prefer cold at an outside temperature of approximately 49 degrees Celsius). After a short stop at the Wal Mart (kinda similar to the Inter the flame-breasted in France, but bigger) we drove to Oakdale. Here we round 15:00 checked in our hotel (Best Western Rama). The rest of the afternoon we spent on the books of the following nights, but more about that later. Unfortunately, Oakdale a bit of a very quiet little town (or could it be a village?). When we were looking for a restaurant to eat it was actually very quiet. After we had driven around a bit we arrived eventually at a chain called Round Table. Here we could eat for $6.99 unlimited Pizza and salad. Oh well … it was something other than burgers! After eating I had actually once feeling like a good cup of coffee, so we are delicious to the Starbucks. Well, there we have a super drunk coffee. starbucks_03 Tomorrow to Yosemite Park and then through Death Valley to LAS VEGAS! We already know where we're going to stay in Las Vegas: We will stay 2 nights in the Treasure Island hotel on the Strip!

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