Day 03: SFO-Union Square, Shopping & Crookedest Street

Today, our second (full) day, we warn (weather) wake up early … we have some problem getting used to the time difference! In itself that's not such a problem since we have a busy schedule. It is intended that we today amongst others. Union square and Crookedest Street. Of course we went again with the bus in about 20 minutes near Union Square, where we first relax and have lunch. After lunch, we took a few pictures of the stores you amongst others. at Union Square can find … winkels_sfo_01 … and for the women among us … Yes we are also at Victoria's Secret … Victoria Of course I had to take a few nice garments scoring: I have two fun at Levi's Levi jeans for less than $110,-(In euro?: 37.50 euros each converted about!). levi_01 The best was in itself a big Levi's shop as there is for both the man and the woman for a separate floor (!!) was … levi_02 Next to the shopping we are today also with the world famous Cable Car. This is a very fun experience and happy we didn't have to stand in line so long! It was kind of funny to see how the cable car at the end of the route with the hand (!!) had to be spun. This we have filmed, then it becomes a little clearer than with a photo. However, I want to tell you a picture of a cable car. cable_car We're not quite up to the end station (fisherman's Wharf) in the cable car. We got off at Crookedest Street. This is another typical piece of San Francisco what you must have seen. Unfortunately we have only pictures of here since I have used the last bit battery during the cable car ride, so again a picture. 🙂 Crookedest_Steet Even and explanation of the photo: this piece of SFO was so style that and straight road was not possible. Solution: A away with a few solid curves. The maximum allowed speed is 8 mph (approx. 13 km/hour) quickly enough. So, today once and time some more photos, that is not to say that this is going to be so every day.

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