Day 02: SFO-Car & Golden Gate Bridge

Because we, of course, not all day in front of the computer, wilen we will occasionally let you know where we sit. Last night (30 aug 18:30 GMT-8) we landed at San Francisco International Airport. We have stay at Travelodge North, but actually started our holiday today only with retrieving our car! No, still no picture of the car. … but it is not a Chrysler Impala become as we had booked first. Because it tomorrow (1 sept) Labor Day is we could for a small amount per day upgrade to an SUV!! So yes … we are now such a thick ' PC main-traktor '. Because SFO (San Francisco) very car-unfriendly is we have a hotel for the night and stay there so we booked 2 nights (and fortunately we can there free parking!). We are this afternoon by bus to the Golden Gate Bridge. Of course, we have here the necessary gefotografeert and filmed, but that you see as we are back home … at this point you must make do with this picture. 🙂 Golden Gate Bridge

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