Day 01: the journey and arrival in San Francisco

The attentive reader will have noticed … this post was not on 30 August and that's right. I type this story now, on 2 september, in Oakdale. This afternoon when Regina was working on with the travelogue I saw that her ' day 1 ' not started with getting the car, but with the actual journey and the first night in San Francisco. This was actually for me the reason for the ' conventions ' on our site and also there so a message (this message so) to paste. Saturday 30 August, We go on honeymoon to the USA!! At a quarter to nine we left (Pa & Ma Zandbergen, Regina and myself) direction Schiphol. About an hour later we arrived at the departure halls where mom and pop let us out of the car and our uitzwaaiden. We had already checked in online the day before so we didn't have to give only our suitcases and we could walk. After customs we had to be some a world plug so that we all could use electronic equipment/charging in the US. Still just a quick walk to the right and quickly exchanged dollars by gate where we were subjected to a solid security check. Next, we could finally boarded the plane. Luckily had our plane about a personal entertainment system. In other words: We could n hearts content watch movies (I am there 3 (partly) seen), play games (even ' online ' against other passengers!!), tv-series watch or listen to MP3s.

After a flight of about 9 hours we land to 16:00 (local time) for a stop-over in Cincinatti. Before we could wait we had to first by the customs. Fortunately, the controls are not as strict as had been told beforehand (we were allowed to keep the laptop, cameras, mobile phones and iPods). After an hour we had to check-in again for the remainder of the flight (4.5 hours) toward San Francisco. At around half 7 local time (UCT-8) countries we on San Francisco International Airport where a Shuttle us to our hotel. There aangekomn we first checked into the hotel after which we had something to eat at the restaurant around the corner (iHop for connoisseurs). We 21:00 layers around in bed (it was in EN 6:00 again!) and at a quarter past 7 was Regina again wake up. We then tested or the communication with home but once worked and I have to say.. It struck me not against it. We have a call with Skype here with Netherlands (just a local number call via Skype … super useful!) to let you know that we had arrived. This worked a lot better than the short conversation via the GSM from Cincinatti Airport the night before. Shower, eat breakfast and then quickly pick up the car … then the holidays finally start!

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